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A stage of creativity created by robots!

'Thank you for visiting the website of the International Youth Robot Federation, which plays a role in leading the creative robot science education business to the right and good path.'

The International Federation of Youth Robotics is a non-profit organization established in 2018 to improve youth robot science and creativity education to the level of developed countries.

In order to foster creative talent, we actively discover and foster robot gifted people, and contribute to the development of national development by carrying out industry-academia-linked technology development, academic exchange cooperation, and various educational projects.

It also operates robot classes with vulnerable and multicultural families, eliminating blind spots in education and resolving educational inequality, and is also carrying out sharing and donation campaigns.

I always ask for your warm attention and support, and I wish you endless development and good health in everything you do this year.
Thank you.

  governor   K.Y. HWANG